About Flat Earth People Social Networking
FEPeople - Flat Earth People - is a social networking platform for the Flat Earth Community. An oasis for all things "FE", away from the censorship of the main stream internet. Flat Earth People are those who embrace the Builder of the Building, that we recognize we live in. Flat Earth People is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Flat Earth Media Group, founded by Russell Dibird, of San Diego California. Dibird started this platform to keep the voice of the Flat Earth Community heard, and united. STAY AWAY Ball earthers, puppets, shills, trolls and pests in general. You will be ruthlessly mocked, scorned, belittled, then DELETED. By joining this site, you agree to join the email list that you will will receive daily updates to.

The Purpose of Flat Earth People Is To Be A Home For Those Who Acknowledge that we live on a flat plane, not a spinning ball.